My first Wall Mural…

This past week I painted my first “Wall Mural” for a new Salt Spa here in Hendersonville. There was much more to it than I thought and I sure learned a lot!~ Mostly how much I don’t know! ~ That’s okay though…I love learning. I tried to stay true to the photo choice and colors that my client wanted. The wall space was 7-1/2′ x 12′. My husband was such a help to me lugging in all the supplies I needed and even brought me food (and chocolate!) and encouraged me the whole way! He truly is the hero in this story. It took a total of 3 days (not counting the night before setting up/graphing and sketching it out). All in all I believe the clients are pleased and when the door is opened to show the room, people sense they are in a special place. That really is my reward. 🙂


Preliminary Painting in process…


After it is sketched and taped off…the painting process begins…


Lots of supplies needed…and paint!


 ~ The finished mural ~


Serenity at sunset…

Taken on my recent trip to Florida.
A couple of weeks before this, I had asked God to please show me his love for me. Yes, I needed it.
I don’t think I really ever understood it.

As I stood before the ocean waters, I was finding myself becoming more and more aware of their great vastness and power! … And I was overwhelmed.
I’d been to beaches and oceans before. How come this time my eyes seemed to be opened to something?

Finally the question came to my mind….

“How far can you see?”

My answer? “I can’t Lord….it’s so far.
It just goes on forever”.

“That’s how much”.

That lesson, that love, will stay with me forever. It was beautiful.