Broken Dreams…

Do you ever feel like your dreams have been broken?
Life sometimes just doesn’t go the way we think it should.
Sometimes the “grip” we have on those dreams can be quite strong.
Sometimes the process of letting go is slow and painful.
It’s ok. We can learn a lot from them. Mostly about forgiveness..
Forgiveness of others but also to forgive our own self.
The greatest lesson I was ever shown was the story of the man who owed so much money and begged for forgiveness. He was relieved of all his debt. Yet, he turned right around and went after someone who owed him…
Never absorbing how much grace he had been shown and in turn never able to share it himself with others…
If our hearts just even get a glimpse of the love that is there for us, we are free. Free to let go. And as my mother always says “let God”.
It’s a journey…

Where are you in that process?
Has your “broken dream” got the best of you?
Has it turned into something beautiful?
I love how there is an image of a tree next to the “broken” ice pieces in this photo. It symbolizes “life” to me.
Yes, maybe barren at the moment, but still living. It will bud and blossom when it’s time. When it’s ready. We must have patience.

Love to you today.
Xoxo Hold on!

Ps. Thank you Margaret for allowing me to capture these wonderful images!

Old Man Joy…

Old Man Joy…

Just passing by,….(literally) – through the doors of a diner yesterday, my husband and I had the chance encounter with this man I’ll call “Joy”. A disabled Vet living in a tent for years and was the happiest he had … Continue reading

Lady at the Post Office…

lady at post office

Do you see her? Tiny little figure walking in the road? It is an old woman. She is a regular around here. She walks everywhere. She must be in her 80’s. I see her near & far. She is such an inspiration to me. She wears layers of clothes (kinda like my grandmother did). They don’t really match. She walks with a rolling walker. She just keeps on going. She must be out all day. She puts the rest of us to shame. I would do it if I was brave enough but alas, I am not.
Nor do I have the time.
One day, my husband said she had a matching outfit of pink on and make up to match (bright pink lipstick). He was happy for her because it seemed she was celebrating something special. Maybe it was her birthday?
Personally, I think she knows something the rest of us don’t.
This day in particular, I had the privilege of coming out of the post office when she was coming in. Of course I held the door…
But it was I who was blessed…
She with her snow white hair and tan leathered face smiled at me as she sincerely & sweetly proclaimed God’s blessings on me.
(my heart overfloweth..)

Then she walked away. I had to get a picture of that love.
Yes, in human form beneath all the outward appearances. That is why I took the picture. To remind me of her and that brief encounter.
Yes, it is that simple. It is IN the simple. It is in the least expected. That person, place or thing that you think doesn’t matter. To God, to all matters. He doesn’t make anything that doesn’t. From the tiniest to the largest.

I myself am having to learn this the hard way. Lord, take the blinders off us all.
xo Have a blessed day.

Peace Finally Fell…

Peace   Finally   Fell…

Well,  the Christmas tree was up….all of a couple of weeks.  I had three red glittery ornaments that were actually words….  love,   joy,    peace  …

It seemed every time I walked by the tree, the “peace” was crooked…majorily lopsided. I had to fix it.  It actually got very annoying.  They are held by a red satin ribbon and easily slip, I guess…

But why not the joy and the love words?  Why were they never crooked..?

It got me thinking about the real peace…  isn’t that what it is for us too?  Our peace really never stays the same.  We are always rocking back and forth. From happiness to sadness, joy to pain,  easiness to well…just plain unfairness in this life.

Everytime I walked by and “straightened” it, (there were just toooo many times for it to be a coincidence), I realized that is what we are always trying to do.  Straighten our “peace”, …or at least find it!

I think I found my peace this Christmas.  It was in loving others. (no matter who they were).  My daughter commented how sad people look at Walmart and the same answer kept coming to me…”they need your smile”.  It’s true.  We need each other.  Despite our differences.  Not much,… just a smile, just a touch, just to listen.  When you truly want to reach out, to truly make a difference…it really doesn’t cost that much….actually it is very freeing….

and that is where the peace comes in.

It took an ornament on a tree to remind me it is an ongoing process. A choice.

May you find your “peace” this year.

Happy New Year!

Remembering Her

Remembering Her

You will see remnants

I promise…

Little things

Scattered here and there.

Tiny treasures from long ago.

Tiny dolls who’s mouths do

Not move

But still speak

Life, yet still

Living on…

Yet not in person

Her love I miss

Her touch

Her hair still seems so soft

In my mind

What a treasure

Yet the tiny treasures are only symbols

Of the legacy of the life

She lived.

Love, her main gift.

Just love

I’ve never missed someone for so long

As her

Yet there are others to come

That my heart will ache for

Or maybe for me, they will