Latest Work…”Paratrooper Father”…

Recently I had the privilege to draw for a friend a picture of her father that had just passed away. He was a Paratrooper in the Korean War. A father…a husband and so much more. Assignments like these touch my soul beyond words. I also see how much it means for family members to have “one more picture” of their loved one. It is a task I take seriously and with much joy too as I know that God is in it.

Here was the process from beginning to end. Colored pencils and charcoal. Enjoy XO13680632_10154003515679317_134029925914628523_n13895393_10154003515709317_6962881160904314678_n13886857_10154003515649317_8616874276098752857_n13907005_10154003515624317_7282668145035317992_n13903415_10154003513054317_5600282264613909444_n

Eclectic Ride!

Eclectic Ride!

Yes, there is a scooter under there. 🙂 –

Drippy Rock Waterwall….

Peace to you!
Love the moss, rocks and drippy waterfalls that lay around all over this great state. By the way, our weather today was incredible! Dec. 5th and 65 degrees!!
I’m sure it won’t last long. 🙂
God Bless You Nelson Mandela!