Asheville was particularly beautiful yesterday.  I am not sure if it was because we went later in the day and the lighting was different…or because we got there after the parade crowd had dispersed and all was more calm.  Anyway, this on of my favorite shots that I took.  After looking at it more carefully later, I realized this picture speaks volumes about how I feel.  There is so much I want to do before I die.  Everyday is a gift.  Get up and use it the best you can.


Young woman writes in chalk on large public chalkboard what she wants to do “Before she dies” as onlookers watch. Asheville, NC.  Photo by Becky Bishop



My First Art Show!

Those who know me well know that I love taking photos. It is my therapy. It makes me see what’s beautiful in my life. To remember all the good that’s out there – despite the news. God is still good. I need that reminder daily, weekly….sometimes hourly. No matter how tired I can get, I still seem to be able to keep taking photos. That lets me know I am on the right track. At least for now anyway. I wanted to share with you my very first art show that took place last night. It is amazing to me that just out of doing something that I love, came this honor and recognition. I am touched and blessed. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and family that support me with it. 😊

This work is being displayed in a brand new Welcome Center at a beautiful new park in my town -The Park at Flat Rock, NC.  11987133_10152974628320938_4467486509169854433_n 12002932_10152974628390938_7566218909618797862_n 11825798_10152974628460938_5349835620754473159_n12027515_10152974628550938_6477205815869741795_n 12036508_10152974628525938_6753833273393369629_n 12037938_10152974628640938_6816733765673945743_n (1) Mama and babies Wildgrasses Triptych

This little light of mine…

Because I love photographing people as much as nature, I am going to start adding them into my blog. I find being brave enough to take their picture or ask if I can, can be quite a challenge…especially for a shy person like myself. My goal is to overcome this…to a certain extent anyway.

I hope you are touched by their light as well.😊

I took this picture up in Asheville, NC.
I am learning “manual” mode on my camera while my very patient husband waits in the background usually holding whatever it is that I can’t!
Today was different though and I can’t help sharing.

While I was snapping pictures of these musicians, he was putting $ in their bag or box out in front of them. I loved it!
We were suddenly a team in a new way!
He had thought it rude to take their picture and not give something back. He was right. We learned a lot from the experience. We watched how little actions are contagious and everyone has a song. No matter who you are.

Ps…We are going to keep more $-bills on hand from now on! 💗

By the waters edge…


Let me sit with you
by the waters edge forever,
on the cool stones or the fallen wood

Like the time a small dog came up
behind us
and I thought it was a snake
I scared you so, as I trampled across you
to get away

We laughed and laughed…

I sat on your legs from then on,

strong & supportive
like everything else about you.

You are my whispering love
who I share everything with.