The Tree…

IMG_6601I always wondered why I got excited over cardboard!…  I would see a stack in a cart at the store and think….”That’s crazy – who does that…. Who ‘collects’ cardboard”!  But there was always something deep down that wanted to take it home.  Especially the ‘interesting’ kind… ~you know~… the ones that had shapes or the corrugated…!

Well, lately I’ve been thinking about what’s going on in the world and how fast paced we have become.  How all the kids are on their cell phones or some kind of device.  How we have lost a lot of “play” and then I thought of the man….Mr. Fred Rogers.

Oh! How he shaped my life.  When my world was quiet and void as a child – there he was, showing me how things were made…telling me I was important.  It was like air to breathe.  – The puppets, the make believe….it was all important.

That got me thinking….what could I do in my little corner of the art world to show my appreciation of this man and try to remind people to “play”…to enjoy their life…to get back outside in nature.  Then I had an idea….with cardboard!  Something simple….something organic, something magical. The “Tree” idea was born.

This is my ‘ode’ if you will to Mr. Rogers.  Thank you kind sir for what you did for so many.  May my “tree” be something you would have been proud of.  If I know you (and I think I do) – you are. XO

I almost threw this whole thing away while making.  There was a part of me that kept saying “This is silly” – “You should do REAL art”….”This is childish”…..

I kept myself from tossing it with the idea “at least complete it Becky”….”if you destroy it you will never know”…..

Then I realized… was the little girl inside ME that needed to do this….

I had been condemning her… telling her she was silly and foolish….

Wow –

See…we really do need reminding!


I wrote to Mr. Rogers when my children were you and told him how he had helped me in my younger years.  I was delighted as you might imagine to receive a letter back from him in the mail thanking me for telling him.  He also sent a signed copy of his picture. I will treasure it forever. XO



I wonder as I wonder….

I drew this picture a while back.
I titled it after the Christmas song I keep hearing on the radio “I wonder as I wander…” (beautiful song)
The song plays in my head when I look at this picture. Not only because of the “wonderment” in this child’s face but also because that is my very question..
“I wonder as I wander”….
When I do a drawing (and it is seldom that I do),…it is usually when deep down in my spirit, I know I have to.
This has happened several occasions. If someone “asks” me to draw their loved one, I usually cannot do it. It does not flow. It has to come from within. It is only then that it flows.
Like this picture, I look back even though it’s been years, and I wonder…, “how” did I do that”?
It just never seems that it came from me…and it didn’t. It was Gods spirit moving my hands. I am too nervous and lack such confidence.
It is him that gives us these gifts. He uses the foolish to profound the wise.
To me this is how you know when something is God. When all you can do is simply look in amazement, no words,…just wonderment.
Merry, Merry Christmas!! Xo