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asheville 017Asheville, NC

Vintage 50’s!

Vintage 50’s!

Gorgeous layered purple taffeta 50’s Prom dress sprinkled with ivory flowers~ Stunning! Located “Nana’s Antiques” on Main St. in Hendersonville, NC. (828-606-8097) Nice!

“Cool” building!

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Super cool lighting at business in Fletcher, NC. The letters “PUTSCH” are large cut-outs across front and then “Group” in corner right. Innovative company for sugar, glass, root vegetable processing, filtration and separation. Love this look!

Good Design…

Building design..Asheville

Building design..Asheville

I believe people are inherently good.
I don’t think we start out mean. I think most people want good, for themselves and others.
When I am out and about during my day, I notice that we are all concerned about the same things.

I am quite a sensitive person. Growing up, I lived in a very “fear filled” home. Loving, but fear filled.
I learned how to be a people pleaser. That means, are constantly looking out for what the other person needs or wants~(Quite an exhausting way to live really!). So….when I am out in public, I am always watching to make sure I am not in anyone’s way, whether it is in traffic or at a store etc.
The thing I realized recently though, is… that everyone else is doing the same thing!
Maybe not every single person, but the majority.
And the majority, if there is something wrong, will go to that extra step to help!
And like Mr. Rogers always said…”That gives me a good feeling! 🙂
We all want to fill like we are valuable and worthwhile. That we have something to offer.
This may sound petty to some people. That’s ok.
We were all made by the same creator (at least that’s what I believe) and we all have the same capabilities to love. It’s just a choice.

What a grand design! xo
(Thanks for reading! 🙂