A Mothers love…

Recently while taking flower photos at the park, a sweet little family walked along the path and into my frame. I didn’t mind at all. What a difference it made in my photo. Afterwards I asked if I could email her a copy and she was happy to say yes. This kind of interaction makes taking photos so beautiful. I remember my own children at that age and teaching them about nature. Such sweet memories!

Thank you MB.  💗


Little Edith…

I sold this drawing to Jane Asher Antiques last week. I did it back in ’09 for therapy. I am so happy she has a good home! 18×24, charcoal/pencil. If you are an artist, you know that some pieces are hard to let go (and some you have to right away!). Jane was making a “doll” section in her antique store and I happened to think she might like it for that. (I was right) 🙂

I wonder as I wonder….

I drew this picture a while back.
I titled it after the Christmas song I keep hearing on the radio “I wonder as I wander…” (beautiful song)
The song plays in my head when I look at this picture. Not only because of the “wonderment” in this child’s face but also because that is my very question..
“I wonder as I wander”….
When I do a drawing (and it is seldom that I do),…it is usually when deep down in my spirit, I know I have to.
This has happened several occasions. If someone “asks” me to draw their loved one, I usually cannot do it. It does not flow. It has to come from within. It is only then that it flows.
Like this picture, I look back even though it’s been years, and I wonder…, “how” did I do that”?
It just never seems that it came from me…and it didn’t. It was Gods spirit moving my hands. I am too nervous and lack such confidence.
It is him that gives us these gifts. He uses the foolish to profound the wise.
To me this is how you know when something is God. When all you can do is simply look in amazement, no words,…just wonderment.
Merry, Merry Christmas!! Xo