My daughters smile…


If you’ve ever dealt with depression or any other mental health issue in a loved one, (or maybe your own) then you know what it’s like to miss their smile. 

I took this picture yesterday on my cell phone as my daughter and I were talking. I couldn’t help but see the light…the laughter. My heart was full.

I’m being very vulnerable by sharing this. It’s been a long 7-8 years. I watched one of the most precious things in my life, lose her light – I didn’t realize to what extent until one day I saw her smile again…and realized how much I missed it.

Never give up. 

May this picture give you hope too. 

Never give up. 



“Behold, I make all things new”. (Rev. 21:5)

Ranuculus Flower by Becky Bishop

I visited one of my favorite stores in the area (Flora)- which is a beautiful botanical, whimsical florist shop. I always leave so inspired. They have the most interesting flowers and displays. This is a “Ranunculas” flower. I thought that the Peony was my favorite but after coming across this one, I am not so sure anymore. It is an absolute beautiful perfect flower. I even wondered if they were real. They are! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚