Do you want to be last….so you can be first?….

This morning during my quiet time….I sincerely asked God to forgive me for all the past mistakes I’ve done…I have asked this many a time. I don’t know why I keep saying it. I know hes already done it.

But….I do it anyway. Maybe there is something I left out. I have a huge problem with pride…with all kinds of things.

I’ve been reading in Luke lately. I’ve been kinda stuck there. Planted. Over and over I read. Asking God to give me ears to hear,….eyes to see. You see, I’ve had issues with money too – and The Pharisees who loved money, sneered at Jesus. How many times have I sneered….even at Jesus. Oh Lord.

To humble thyselves once more. Thank you Lord – when the disciples said “Increase our faith!” – You replied….that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed….that is enough.

Oh thank you Lord. It is enough. I do not need to be last to be first…later. That too is an idol. Thank you Lord for eyes to see, ears to hear. Please keep cleaning my ears…wiping my eyes – to see you more. Not myself.

“No servant can serve two masters, Either he will hate the one and love the other…”


One thought on “Do you want to be last….so you can be first?….

  1. Becky, thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers with us. . . .I dare say we can all relate to everything you prayed and said, I know I certainly can !!! Have a blessed day : )


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