On my morning walk…

 I started on on my morning walk. As usual, I strapped my camera over my shoulder and took off. It crossed my mind….”God…you always show me something unique…something different”.  I love the surprise photos I get sometimes.  Some days it happens….some days it does not.

I walked along and after a little while I saw a man approaching me.  He seemed to pull something out of his pocket and I thought to myself that he was going to give me something.  It looked like a piece of paper.  As he passed by he asked if he could give me a gospel tract. I said sure.  He said “God loves you” and kept walking.  I smiled to myself as I flipped through the little tract.  I told God thank you that there was still people who were willing to share his love.

A little while down the path I saw writing in the dirt….”Jesus, Lord & King”.  Ahh! Here was my surprise!  I knew it must have been this gentlemen that took the time to bend down and write it.  His heart must be so full that he just can’t help but share.  Great…I got a few shots. (Will put that on facebook! lol)

It had been an eventful walk.  8:00 in the morning.  Hardly anyone there and yet still God gave me little tidbits of himself.  I was so glad that I had made the choice to go.

I was nearing the end of my walk.  Not too much further to go.  Another gentlemen was approaching me.  Jacket and a cane. Then about 20 feet in front of me, he stopped and with his foot…starting rubbing at something on the dirt path. I thought “no!”…”oh surely he’s not”…..

He walked past me with a countenance of stiffness in his face. No smile. No kindness.

A few more feet and I would know if I was right.

I was.

He had rubbed out the name “Jesus”. My heart broke.  I couldn’t understand how someone could hate the very one that loved him and created him. But here’s the deal. They do. They hate him. I almost asked him what offended him so much but I didn’t dare.

So I’ll pray. But I am also thanking God that he allowed me to see this whole thing play out. I was there at the exact time it happened. There had to be a reason. Maybe it’s to write this. I don’t know.

I share with you a piece of that walk…this picture. I am glad I took it. I am sure it is not there anymore. I am glad God is.




3 thoughts on “On my morning walk…

  1. What a neat story, and to think they have been trying to scratch out His name for 2000 years and it keeps coming back. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Margaret

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  2. Becky, What an awesome walk with Jesus, Lord and King you had this morning ! It’s amazing that the last man, who was out on this beautiful morning, hopefully enjoying the beauty of nature, created by God, could obviously be so angry. Though it’s easy to pray for friends and family, it’s hard to pray for the ones, like him, who need it the most. Becky you are such an inspiration and so wonderfully talented! Keep up the Good work in so many many ways. . .Verna

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