My First Art Show!

Those who know me well know that I love taking photos. It is my therapy. It makes me see what’s beautiful in my life. To remember all the good that’s out there – despite the news. God is still good. I need that reminder daily, weekly….sometimes hourly. No matter how tired I can get, I still seem to be able to keep taking photos. That lets me know I am on the right track. At least for now anyway. I wanted to share with you my very first art show that took place last night. It is amazing to me that just out of doing something that I love, came this honor and recognition. I am touched and blessed. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and family that support me with it. 😊

This work is being displayed in a brand new Welcome Center at a beautiful new park in my town -The Park at Flat Rock, NC.  11987133_10152974628320938_4467486509169854433_n 12002932_10152974628390938_7566218909618797862_n 11825798_10152974628460938_5349835620754473159_n12027515_10152974628550938_6477205815869741795_n 12036508_10152974628525938_6753833273393369629_n 12037938_10152974628640938_6816733765673945743_n (1) Mama and babies Wildgrasses Triptych