Little Edith…

I sold this drawing to Jane Asher Antiques last week. I did it back in ’09 for therapy. I am so happy she has a good home! 18×24, charcoal/pencil. If you are an artist, you know that some pieces are hard to let go (and some you have to right away!). Jane was making a “doll” section in her antique store and I happened to think she might like it for that. (I was right) 🙂

Nude Sunbathing & Wooden Necklaces…

What if the whole point to growing old – is to learn to slow ourselves down.

To truly appreciate the earth and this life we’ve been given. To take each step of our foot to the ground and feel it.

What if the dreading and complaining is truly just a misunderstanding like everything else in life…things we don’t understand. We curse the older years like somehow they were a punishment. But what if….like everything else we’ve have had to learn in life, that there are two sides to everything…the good and the bad.

God did not create anything to be without a lesson. It is always for our good. Why would growing old be any different.

I know a lot of people who now old…feel they have no purpose. I think it has a lot to do about giving…

But what if… it’s actually God giving to us – in a deeper, more intimate way. One we are just not used to, one we fight.

Maybe we just need to sunbathe nude and drink in his goodness.

Wearing a wooden necklace helps too.

Enjoy your life. No matter the day.