This little light of mine…

Because I love photographing people as much as nature, I am going to start adding them into my blog. I find being brave enough to take their picture or ask if I can, can be quite a challenge…especially for a shy person like myself. My goal is to overcome this…to a certain extent anyway.

I hope you are touched by their light as well.😊

I took this picture up in Asheville, NC.
I am learning “manual” mode on my camera while my very patient husband waits in the background usually holding whatever it is that I can’t!
Today was different though and I can’t help sharing.

While I was snapping pictures of these musicians, he was putting $ in their bag or box out in front of them. I loved it!
We were suddenly a team in a new way!
He had thought it rude to take their picture and not give something back. He was right. We learned a lot from the experience. We watched how little actions are contagious and everyone has a song. No matter who you are.

Ps…We are going to keep more $-bills on hand from now on! 💗


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