Are you sick??

With so many people getting sick lately, I wanted to share a remedy that might help someone.

It’s called an “onion pack” and it’s good for drawing mucous out of the lungs. I’ve also used this on my sinuses too. My kids still make fun of me for it but I swear it kept us out of the drs many times. My mother has been sick this week (it was going down into her lungs, tight chest)…I told her to do the “onion packs” for several days and she called this afternoon and was so excited! I’ll spare you the details but she sounded 10x’s better than when I talked to her this morning. She had done it about 3 times. She said “It really works!”

Here it is!…

Slice several onions (no need to peel) and heat either on stove or microwave (about 45 seconds) (no grease, just onions). Get a old t-shirt or sheet or pillow case & dump the cooked onions on it. Tie up the corners to make a nap sack (kinda like a picnic!) to keep onions in so they don’t fall out. Some manage to escape anyway. Lay them (as warm as you can stand it but don’t burn yourself) on the UPPER chest. May need an extra layer of material under it as they get kinda soggy. You want to try to leave them on as long as possible (at least an hour). Ideally it’s great if you can kinda fall asleep…for a little while. It has a relaxing effect surprisingly. Do this at least 2-3 nights in a row. It will make a tight chest looser and more productive. Hope it helps! I would love to hear from you if it does help you or someone you know.

PS…Also, try to stay away from dairy and flour products as they cause mucous and add as much garlic and spicy stuff as you can. šŸ™‚ Lots of water!!


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