This little light of mine…

Because I love photographing people as much as nature, I am going to start adding them into my blog. I find being brave enough to take their picture or ask if I can, can be quite a challenge…especially for a shy person like myself. My goal is to overcome this…to a certain extent anyway.

I hope you are touched by their light as well.😊

I took this picture up in Asheville, NC.
I am learning “manual” mode on my camera while my very patient husband waits in the background usually holding whatever it is that I can’t!
Today was different though and I can’t help sharing.

While I was snapping pictures of these musicians, he was putting $ in their bag or box out in front of them. I loved it!
We were suddenly a team in a new way!
He had thought it rude to take their picture and not give something back. He was right. We learned a lot from the experience. We watched how little actions are contagious and everyone has a song. No matter who you are.

Ps…We are going to keep more $-bills on hand from now on! πŸ’—


By the waters edge…


Let me sit with you
by the waters edge forever,
on the cool stones or the fallen wood

Like the time a small dog came up
behind us
and I thought it was a snake
I scared you so, as I trampled across you
to get away

We laughed and laughed…

I sat on your legs from then on,

strong & supportive
like everything else about you.

You are my whispering love
who I share everything with.