From Mud to Lotus…

nature 039

It is becoming more “clear” to me of what my eyes truly see….

While laying in bed last night, not being able to see because of an optical migraine, I chose instead of worry, to talk to God.

He showed me that my biggest downfall was indeed my eyesight. For the things I choose to look at are the very things that compare me with others, a sense of not being good enough. Not the right clothes, the right …everything. Even peoples facial reactions…

Sometimes I do art. Mainly portraits. People always say that the “eyes” in my pictures are very expressive. Now I know why…

Although my eyes do look for beauty, that seems to be the only thing I can see. Although that can be taken as a good thing, it is also a weakness, because for most of my life, I’ve expected the same out of myself. Perfection.

I’ve been afraid to look at the whole me. Seemingly imperfections and all…which are now being revealed to me as beautiful too.

Who of us are not completely human. Weaknesses, strengths. It’s what makes us need each other. It’s what gives us a heart. A true loving heart.

Here is a poem I shared with some ladies yesterday.
Called…”See Paris First”….I hope you enjoy.

Much love,