Broken Dreams…

Do you ever feel like your dreams have been broken?
Life sometimes just doesn’t go the way we think it should.
Sometimes the “grip” we have on those dreams can be quite strong.
Sometimes the process of letting go is slow and painful.
It’s ok. We can learn a lot from them. Mostly about forgiveness..
Forgiveness of others but also to forgive our own self.
The greatest lesson I was ever shown was the story of the man who owed so much money and begged for forgiveness. He was relieved of all his debt. Yet, he turned right around and went after someone who owed him…
Never absorbing how much grace he had been shown and in turn never able to share it himself with others…
If our hearts just even get a glimpse of the love that is there for us, we are free. Free to let go. And as my mother always says “let God”.
It’s a journey…

Where are you in that process?
Has your “broken dream” got the best of you?
Has it turned into something beautiful?
I love how there is an image of a tree next to the “broken” ice pieces in this photo. It symbolizes “life” to me.
Yes, maybe barren at the moment, but still living. It will bud and blossom when it’s time. When it’s ready. We must have patience.

Love to you today.
Xoxo Hold on!

Ps. Thank you Margaret for allowing me to capture these wonderful images!


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