Old Man Joy…

Old Man Joy...

Just passing by,….(literally) – through the doors of a diner yesterday, my husband and I had the chance encounter with this man I’ll call “Joy”. A disabled Vet living in a tent for years and was the happiest he had ever been! Nothing out of the ordinary….just an “extraordinary attitude”!
In the brief 3 minutes we decided to stop to talk, we learned alot. He owned very little and was content & happy that way! He also spoke of how he sings for groups that gives their profits to the underprivileged! – (Which he clearly did not consider himself to be!)
I asked permission to take his picture. He was reluctant at first and asked me “why”?b&w
I think I lied….I told him I liked his beard. Later I realized it was his spirit I loved.
When I told him I am learning photography, he was more than happy to give me a shot!
He said, “If my face doesn’t make it on the front page of anything, it’s o.k.!” And he meant it.

I saw full joy, in the form of a human. And as the world standards, the least likely.
It was beautiful. He told us “God Bless you” three times as we walked away.

Thank you Joy….he surely has. xo


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