The Versatile Blogger Award!

I am so very honored that katebortell nominated my blog for The Versatile Blogger Award!
I am so thrilled that the photos I love to take are being enjoyed by others!
I hope to have my nominations of others bloggers soon and will definitely inform them!
Until then thank you again katebortell ~ I am so glad to have met you. PS…If you haven’t visited her page, check it out! She’s a great writer! 🙂

Here are my 7 “Interesting” Things About Me…
(part of the criteria for accepting this award!)

1. I became an alcoholic & was very lost in my young life…
2. If it wasn’t for the grace of God, there is no telling what my life would be like today.
3. I have been married almost 27 yrs. 2 children. One just married. The other in college.
4. I will take a quiet walk in the woods over the mall any day!
5.I Lived in England as a child. I still have some English in me. 🙂
6. I have always secretly wanted to write a book or be a motivational speaker…(and also have a live-in cook!)
7. The last 5-6 years has been a huge lesson for me in letting go & trusting God. It’s so simple, yet so hard for us to believe. I just read this week in “On Christian Liberty”- by Martin Luther (1500’s)- That the highest form of praise is trust! That blew me away. All my life, I have never trusted “man”. And he said that the highest form of “contempt” of man (or God) is suspicion, non-trusthworthy….Wow.
That’s all I’ve ever done. Never trusted God.
Eye opening experience.
God Bless you today! Thank you for reading. xoxoxo Blessings galore!


2 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Fantastic post Becky. And thank you for your super kind words. Im so glad to know you. And im so proud of your accomplishments as I have no doubt God is!!!!! :))))


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