What does it mean to be Long Suffering…..

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Christ is “long suffering”.  I am not.

My husband said “Thank you” to me last night for being long suffering for him to come to God.  I was somewhat speechless.  Do you actually take credit for something like that?  Did I actually do something?

Long suffering to me is that complete yearning in your soul for something that burns day and night in “want”.  I am not talking about a “want” for a material thing, or even the “want” for a person.  I mean a desire to see something happen in someones life.  That to me is “long suffering”.

For many years have been praying and “desiring” good for our grown daughter.  Not material goods.  Just happiness.  Just health,….at a level that “functions” in life. That can smile, that feels worthwhile to live.  Many times more, our hearts have broken for her.

Our prayers were just answered this past week as we watched her get married.

The battle is not over.  (It’s really never over here on this earth).  Let’s just be honest. 
Here’s the deal though….God does things in HIS time….in HIS way.

I think the older you get the more you realize, you really never had control of anything and really….that’s a very freeing place to be….not in control.  God is.

So today, I write to you out there.  If you are struggling to hang on.  If you are tired.  It’s ok.  You never really had control.  Relinquish the reigns.  Unclench your fingers around that whatever you are holding on to.  Give it up.  God can work then.

Just keep praying.  Whether you believe or not.  Half the time (ok, most), I don’t know who or what I am really praying to.  Half the time I don’t believe…..

Except now.  Looking back.  4 months ago, I would have never imagined.  My daughter is married to a wonderful young man who loves her and wants to take care of her.  Who financially has the means.  She now has a new family who love her just as much as I do.

Long suffering…..”your heart breaking over that desire you wish for so desperately for that loved one or yourself”.

Christ,  was that model.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.  xo  Becky


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