~A Personal Story of Forgiveness~

To all my friends & family who love me and put up with me!
I love you all! xoxo

A few weeks back, I received a call that a friend had been abused by the father of her children.  She had called the police and he was taken to jail.

Immediately my senses kicked in and I wanted to support her the best I could. After speaking with a family member the next day, I quickly realized that although hurting and shocked, they were concerned for HIS well being. My hair stood on end. I was outraged inside. I tried to control it but it got the best me.
For the next few days I rolled around in turmoil.

I also quickly realized I was reliving my own experience with abuse and that there were obviously unresolved feelings and emotions that I had never dealt with.

Oh, what to do!

Several days went by and I struggled.    Struggled with my own feelings and also how to try to support my friend. It wasn’t easy.

One day I found myself trying to crack open a coconut in the kitchen. Whacking as hard as I could at it, I could feel my anger coming up in me over the whole situation! .
Out of no-where, into my head came the story of the two servants who owed their master money!

You remember the one……. One servant owed a large amount – He had begged for mercy and his debt was forgiven!

In turn, instead of being grateful, he went out and found someone who owed HIM money – a small amount at that, and  DEMANDED it.

I stopped and realized what I was doing. I was demanding justice….when I myself had been forgiven of so much!!
I even remembered a time when I could or should have been put in jail, but I wasn’t. Instead, I had been forgiven, the very day.

I was humbled. Thankful that God had showed me this GREAT lesson in forgiveness. I was not just reading the words on paper but
he had brought the whole thing to life in my heart. I would never be the same.

And as God often does, he showed me this powerful lesson not only for the current situation I was in, and for my past but also something
he knew was coming in my life,  that would require compassion and forgiveness that could only come from him. 

I now saw what Jesus words meant in a way I never had before…..”Forgive your brother from your heart” …..”Have mercy”…..”Love your neighbor as yourself”

“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled and the one who humbles himself will be exalted”

And what about the 70 times 7 thing??!

Do we really have the “right” to choose WHO we forgive??
Does it mean the same person??….Do I have to forgive EVERYBODY this week!??

“THAT’S ENOUGH LORD! …I’ve already forgiven enough this week!!! …. I can’t do anymore…!!!” –

The moral of the story?…….There really is freedom when you realize how much you have been forgiven.
It frees you to be able to forgive those who trespass against you…. (he came to set the captives free!)


Please hear my heart. I am not condoning abuse nor do I believe it should ever happen to anyone. Maybe this story seems radical to you.
This is about the other side of that coin.  This is about how great our heavenly fathers love is for us.

May you find peace and joy today. May you be able to forgive yourself….or someone else.

I pray this has encouraged you somehow.  I enjoy sharing what God shows me and hope it helps just one person!