Little Ian

Little Ian
Came to my sale
and walked my way.

He went straight to the skis..
I wondered if he was a future sports person.
Just 5 he was. Sandy blond hair, red hair & shorts.

I spoke to him about how maybe someday he
would do that.

He smiled and started slowly my way
shyly but wanting to…
He made his way over.

He started telling me about him family
(starting with the dogs!)
then he told me he had a little brother
and a baby sister.
All the while he kept looking over my shoulder
to what lay beyond.

Oh, what innocence.
I was basking in it.
Soaking it up and loving this brief

I knew it wouldn’t last long.
He would have to leave.
But for just a few moments
God arranged our meeting.

I knew it.  I felt it.  It was a blessing
from God to me.

He continued to share about his brother
and how he was younger… just 3.

Then he told me that he gets angry at him
and he hurts him.

Now his face got serious and I noticed his
little arm reach for his other and without
knowing, he was showing me how he hurts
his little brother.

I told him I was sure he didn’t mean to do it…
but his face was concerned
and my heart went out to him.

It bothered him.  I could tell.

I wanted to be able to talk more
with him but it was time for him to leave.
Oh please, just more time!!
I wanted to tell him I would be praying
for him but I thought maybe he wouldn’t
understand.  I wish I would have though.

But I will be praying. You see, I understand.

I believe our paths were meant to cross.

God knew I would pray for him….

and I will.

God Bless you Little Ian.   God Bless you.