Remembering the Miracles….

I would wait to write things that could be published or put into print at a later date but some things I believe have a time and a purpose for being said now.  This is one such time…

Life can be hard.  We pretty much know that. Some times are harder than others.  Some mountains taller.  I have found myself facing a mountain I don’t want to climb.  I just want to go around.  Problem is…I’ve been going on it already.  Details aren’t necessary.  It’s the point I think you can probably relate to.  It’s when things are so hard, so impossible…so scary…. . The thing is …we are not meant to be in control…and that is the hard part for me.

As I sit facing this mountain, I pray…. I am not even sure what for. Actually it is for the mountain to go away.  But alas….it just sits there.  Boldy keeping it’s spot., knowing I am the weaker one and it will win.

So I sit….and keep staring.  Scared to take one step towards it as it may ask too much of me.  I am not that strong after all.

Then while reading my Bible the other night, I came across a verse in Nehemiah (9:17)… “and they did not remember the miracles”…

God was reminding me of how the Israelites did not remember the  miracles he had done in their lives…and I thought….yeah, just like me, right?…..

Yes, like you.

Then, during my sleep last night I had a terrifying dream… I was in my car… and a terrific storm came….blowing my car sideways, …and as I looked at the strong winds and rain blowing at me, I knew I would not be going through this storm with out trouble…I could feel the wind get stronger and fiercer….until I knew it would happen.  It totally picked my car up and spinning.  I threw my hands in the air (yes, just like the song) and cried out to God….I felt this peace and calmness take over (that I am sure would not be there during such an experience) – like there were angels in the car…I heard my mothers voice from behind say…”Becky, …he is here…”

The next thing I knew I was gently set down at a gas station with no harm to me or my vehicle.  I don’t know what the right word is to express the sounds of gratitude I was making. It was a joyful, happy noise. I was so grateful and couldn’t wait to run and tell someone…..

But I didn’t….I sat in my car and made some sort of excuse why I shouldn’t go in just then… and then I started thinking of the things I really needed to do anyway. Things I needed to get done. On MY list….

I knew right then and there that God was showing me how fast we forget our Miracles.  How quickly we forget ….or write them off as maybe some sort of coincidence.  Or how we never share our miracles…because of what?  Embarrassment, pride,…time?

I never did go into that gas station to tell anyone. , but I did wake up with a new found message of hope….

It is to remember the miracles.

I started  making a list.

I am on my second page now and still writing

….I don’t think I will stop either.

May you remember your miracles too.


5 thoughts on “Remembering the Miracles….

  1. Praise God for your sharing this message of hope. Miracles, revelations–all ways of God speaking to us to strengthen us, encourage us. You have honored our Creator and Savior with these words. May each person who reads these words take it to heart and pay attention to what God IS doing in their lives. Then pass this on to others. God is awesome!!
    Love and hugs–


  2. So TRUE!!!! Miracles, as well as Mountains, are God’s way of getting our attention and “FOCUS” on Him—-where it belongs… we can give HIM ALL SHALL “pass away”….. and not really matter…..Let us PRAISE HIM, CONTINUALLY!!!! To God be the GLORY for the GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!!!!!!


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