Peace Finally Fell…

Peace   Finally   Fell…

Well,  the Christmas tree was up….all of a couple of weeks.  I had three red glittery ornaments that were actually words….  love,   joy,    peace  …

It seemed every time I walked by the tree, the “peace” was crooked…majorily lopsided. I had to fix it.  It actually got very annoying.  They are held by a red satin ribbon and easily slip, I guess…

But why not the joy and the love words?  Why were they never crooked..?

It got me thinking about the real peace…  isn’t that what it is for us too?  Our peace really never stays the same.  We are always rocking back and forth. From happiness to sadness, joy to pain,  easiness to well…just plain unfairness in this life.

Everytime I walked by and “straightened” it, (there were just toooo many times for it to be a coincidence), I realized that is what we are always trying to do.  Straighten our “peace”, …or at least find it!

I think I found my peace this Christmas.  It was in loving others. (no matter who they were).  My daughter commented how sad people look at Walmart and the same answer kept coming to me…”they need your smile”.  It’s true.  We need each other.  Despite our differences.  Not much,… just a smile, just a touch, just to listen.  When you truly want to reach out, to truly make a difference…it really doesn’t cost that much….actually it is very freeing….

and that is where the peace comes in.

It took an ornament on a tree to remind me it is an ongoing process. A choice.

May you find your “peace” this year.

Happy New Year!


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