Remembering Her

Remembering Her

You will see remnants

I promise…

Little things

Scattered here and there.

Tiny treasures from long ago.

Tiny dolls who’s mouths do

Not move

But still speak

Life, yet still

Living on…

Yet not in person

Her love I miss

Her touch

Her hair still seems so soft

In my mind

What a treasure

Yet the tiny treasures are only symbols

Of the legacy of the life

She lived.

Love, her main gift.

Just love

I’ve never missed someone for so long

As her

Yet there are others to come

That my heart will ache for

Or maybe for me, they will


Hello world!


This will be my first attempt and step to get my writing down on paper…or at least out there for someone to share.  A collection of poems and writings of my experiences in this life.  Ones to give hope, others to share in the burdens we carry.  Happy Writing!